Very bad idea

Hello, afternoon 05/09, was my birthday! 21 years old!

Some curiosity make-me a think about friends and relationships.

Very bad idea... counting greetings in this day.

Non mensurable data
3/n - robots
1/n - e-mail contacts
1/n - personally

Mensurable data
0,016 - 3/187 - orkut
0,037 - 1/27 - cti-setrem.ning
0,001 - 1/634 - garrimpo.ning
0,000 - 0/27 -
0.000 - 0/7 - myspace
0,055 - 2/36 - facebook

Best return = Facebook Many thanks my Turkish friends, personally unknowns but, lovely friends. Bye.
2009-09-06 20:41:00
Computers and science as a way to live

As you may know, I`m a programmer, I work most in web projects, but not only. This area is a mess! Each day you have to recycle what you know in many ways. The thing is, a knowledge that change so often can`t afford wait to be translated to Portuguese for instance, at that time, the known will be already deprecated. English to me is a functional requirement. I can`t imagine my daily life without it. I have been studding English for serious since 2009. In this section you can see what I`m working on. Have fun as I do.
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"A vida é curta demais para ser pequena / The live is so short to be small / Das leben zu kurz sind für kleine sein". (Benjamin Disraeli)