Program an Arduino pro-mini 5v 16mhz with a CP2102 USB to TTL without DTR pin (CP2102 with 5 pins)

Well, this is a short tip, mostly for me to remember. Arduino IDE should be configured as bellow.

And connections are so:

CP2101 +5v ->  Arduino VCC
CP2101  GND ->  Arduino GND
CP2101 RX ->  Arduino TX
CP2101 TX -> Arduino RX

CP2101 3v -> Not connected (would be instead of +5v if it were an 3.3v pro-mini, the one with 8mhz)

As this model of CP2102 USB to TTL adapter don`t have an DRT pin, we hold the reset button on Arduino when sending, keep it hold during "compiling", and release as soon "uploading" appear on the IDE. LED`s on the adapter should blink, and the code now lives on your Arduino board.

2018-06-16 01:30:00
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