Arduino Project #00003 - TV output via RCA cable, arduino Nano and Uno

Very easy project to do! Takes just cables, RCA connector and 2 resistors (1k and 470 ohm).

The only trick is the "TVoutfonts". When you just add the zip file to the Libs, on compiling it will error on #include <fontALL.h>. You have than to enter the libs folder of the TV Out, and copy the TVoutfonts to the root of the libs, same level as "arduino-tvout-master". 

Let`s go to the connections.

Arduino PINToComments
91k ohm 9 and 7 are pwm pins
7470 ohmI used an 330 ohm. Worked fine.
GNDdirect to GND of the RCA

Here is my result:


2018-06-03 15:17:00
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