Arduino Project #00001 - IR controlled LED`s - prototype for a moving robot car

This post is just a dump of the results of my first Arduino project. Here is the result.

Pinout connections (configurable on the source file, but this is the default) :

ArduinoToAdditional comments
D2Anode of the right LED indicatorconnect the cathode to GND 
D3Anode of the left LED indicatorconnect the cathode to GND
D4Anode of the forward LED indicatorconnect the cathode to GND
D5Anode of the backward LED indicatorconnect the cathode to GND
D6Anode of the stop LED indicatorconnect the cathode to GND
D8OUT of the IR receiverconnect VCC to +5v
connect GND to GND
5Vbreadboardconnect to the +5v of the IR
GNDbradboardconnect the cathodes of the LED`s
and the GND of the IR

Attention to the IR pinout. If for some reason you exchange and connect VCC to D8 in Arduino, the "signals" just don`t came. IR receiver is just like a regular LED, has it`s polarities. Bellow some of the most common modules.

This project works fine also passing the 3.3v to the breadboard, since the only thing that receives it is the IR anode, all the rest receives the + direct from the digital pins.

Source code on Github:

Main reference for doing it:

2018-05-31 22:23:00
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