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I have been looking for an opportunity like this for a wile. If I check my browser bookmarks certainly I'll find a list of  (mostly) Open Source software that in some moment I thought would be a great idea been part of the translation team.

The thing is. It`s not that easy to enter in one of those teams, they are small, or probably already have a favorite "to Portuguese" translator. If the team does not have one, the amount of things to translate is huge... gigantic.... too much to one person who has e main work.

This time, even not in a Open Source project (Coursera will make even more profit in Portuguese speaking countries now), I managed to enter in a team! And a big team! Wen I say big, it`s more than 10k translators around the world. Chinese, Russian and Brazilians are the biggest.

In somehow, it is against my believes, because I`m openly helping a company to profit more. And I don`t get a pay check from them, and never will. The content they distribute are not Creative Commons, if you want to access you have to subscribe (for free at least you want a accomplishment certificate of the courses you did). In other hand, it is education, and it`s impossible to me to deny a recent professional (really great) experience on the area. I do believe education helps people, education make changes, open eyes; and if I have a chance to help this process... I`m in!

Right now, we are translating "Introduction to Databases", It`s almost done. I`m using about 15~20 mins from Monday to Friday as soon I get back from my lunch until the time I have to start to work (for my main activity) again.

My plan is continue on English to Portuguese until the end of this  "introduction to databases" and then more 3 or 4 courses, and then start translation from German. Let`s see.

Well, I know no one except me read this website/blog whatever... but this milestone is important to me, and (mom) I`m proud of myself.

2014-05-19 04:21:00
Computers and science as a way to live

As you may know, I`m a programmer, I work most in web projects, but not only. This area is a mess! Each day you have to recycle what you know in many ways. The thing is, a knowledge that change so often can`t afford wait to be translated to Portuguese for instance, at that time, the known will be already deprecated. English to me is a functional requirement. I can`t imagine my daily life without it. I have been studding English for serious since 2009. In this section you can see what I`m working on. Have fun as I do.
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