It`s already about March! How is going?

That`s true, time fly's and we stay. This year is running very unusual, first because the new Job that I still uncertain if they want to keep me there, or if I want to keep working there. That`s why during the college I did not payed attention on those classes, I soon realized that Java is too much pain, for almost no gain. Well, let`s see how it goes.

Living in Moraada Cinamomo in Novo Hamburgo - RS still pretty much the same: Internet is not working at all, and each semester came a new group of interchanges, mostly from Chile. The people that came this time are really cool, and for the first time I`m speaking Spanish with those people instead of Portuguese or English. I`m learning a lot of Spanish even I`m not studding properly as I wanted.

A separate chapter is that this time came a interchange from Czech Republic, a lovely girl full of unknown culture. Everybody liked her, she is the new personality here. Sure, she speaks very poor Portuguese, but good English (yeah, with strong accent, but who care! It`s natural and almost unavoidable). She writes a blog as well (, in Czech, fortunately Google translates!

Back to my main goals, I`m considering of take more risk an try as soon as possible an opportunity in Europe. I`m really hungry for my goal, and my patience is getting shorter and shorter. All here is fake, all here is for future reasons... that is no life! Besides there is to many opened questions that are killing myself.

I`ll be fine.

2014-02-23 11:10:46
Computers and science as a way to live

As you may know, I`m a programmer, I work most in web projects, but not only. This area is a mess! Each day you have to recycle what you know in many ways. The thing is, a knowledge that change so often can`t afford wait to be translated to Portuguese for instance, at that time, the known will be already deprecated. English to me is a functional requirement. I can`t imagine my daily life without it. I have been studding English for serious since 2009. In this section you can see what I`m working on. Have fun as I do.
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"A vida é curta demais para ser pequena / The live is so short to be small / Das leben zu kurz sind für kleine sein". (Benjamin Disraeli)