2014 - That is where everything starts: Goals!

Hi everyone! I`m Helton, and I believe in goals and the way they affect our daily life. I`m setting goals for myself already for a wile, since 2005 at least. The capacity of write this text you are reading is a result of one of them as well many others positive things I have done in my life.

Sure, some of those will failure miserably, and at the end of the year when you check-up the list you will be shamed of the poor results in some skills, tasks, achievements you have scheduled for yourself. But still worth to plan and do things focused, keep trying!

For 2014 I`m doing a change on my professional life, I`m starting again almost from scratch (I a kind of already wrote about this – in Spanish), but with a different point of view, trying to achieve different things. It`s time to abandon the technical view that suited well for my daily necessities and even to accomplish some dreams, and start using what I have learned in my graduation (Information Systems), see the things using the manager eyes.

Strange or not, the ultimate before that decision, an old friend and ex-teacher from my technical curse gave to me, he said “well... I am talking with you during last years... overcome this PHP live man! … start thinking in big business”. So I did. I left my Senior PHP Developer job, and started as a junior Java Developer in another company, but now with a long term carrier in perspective. I`m thankful for your counsel my friend, as I am thankful for the opportunity that this new company opened to me.

I have do admit, it`s not been easy. After almost 7 years going deep and deep in one area without paying too much attention in all around (since you are going well), this time of knowing almost nothing in a new environment it`s causing me a dolorous conscience conflict. Having to do a step-back to be able to give the next one ahead is testing my faith. This is not bad after all, for a first time in years I feel really challenged again. Evolution passes trough movement, even when the passage you have to build.

Lets see at the end of 2014! I`m already excited.

My goals for 2014 most involve language learning, this year enter in the list French, and I will continue improving my English, German and Spanish; also I will be tasting a little the flavor of Esperanto. The other major part is about fulfill the skills I need for this new job/carrier approach.

That`s all for today in this channel. Stay tuned. Happy new year!

2014-01-02 22:27:05
Computers and science as a way to live

As you may know, I`m a programmer, I work most in web projects, but not only. This area is a mess! Each day you have to recycle what you know in many ways. The thing is, a knowledge that change so often can`t afford wait to be translated to Portuguese for instance, at that time, the known will be already deprecated. English to me is a functional requirement. I can`t imagine my daily life without it. I have been studding English for serious since 2009. In this section you can see what I`m working on. Have fun as I do.
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