Poetry - Memory

The important things we do and see
stay in the memories of you and me.
The moments from our childhood
remain precious and treasured
the limit of the memory
cannot be measured.

As we make our way through this life
with all of this joy and pain,
those happy memories
long since gone in time
will make us smile, again... and again.

Reference: First saw during this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS6rdPH_YFI at 02:35 to 3:08

2013-08-29 23:18:06
Computers and science as a way to live

As you may know, I`m a programmer, I work most in web projects, but not only. This area is a mess! Each day you have to recycle what you know in many ways. The thing is, a knowledge that change so often can`t afford wait to be translated to Portuguese for instance, at that time, the known will be already deprecated. English to me is a functional requirement. I can`t imagine my daily life without it. I have been studding English for serious since 2009. In this section you can see what I`m working on. Have fun as I do.
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"A vida é curta demais para ser pequena / The live is so short to be small / Das leben zu kurz sind für kleine sein". (Benjamin Disraeli)