Hello, I`m Helton Eduardo Ritter

My nikname: heltonritter

So you found my about page, and so you may be interested on my curriculum. 

Check it on Linkedin, or in a PDF format in PortugueseEnglish or German

If you still here and reading, I`ll take the opportunity to introduce myself briefly.

So, hard to define myself, maybe better tell you that I came from a small city, northwest direction in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. At that place I did my elementary, high and college school. In some moment I became a professional Web developer, and pretty soon a teacher too.

In 2012, during the second semester I did a internship in Germany. It was awesome, and my thought of try to live for a while outside Brazil turned on a real goal. Since then I have problems to sleep, and I wake up every day pretty determined to get there!

Professionally I like Web Development and Linux, and have playing my career on it. Also as a information systems bachelor I have to agree that companies need good return rates, and so I`m getting know business from a close perspective, working developing great Java applications such as ERP`s systems (take a look on my curriculum please).

I like my freedom, and I believe freedom has to cover our digital live. It`s no way that an idea can be proved as original and kept as key business factor. Knowledge should be free, and I hate those who don`t share the know they have.

Sure! I enjoy learning languages, at least those I see related to an opportunity in my career, but essentially I'm a IT professional, a developer always interested in good challenges.

Hire me soon! Thanks for now.

"A vida é curta demais para ser pequena / The live is so short to be small / Das leben zu kurz sind für kleine sein". (Benjamin Disraeli)